I’ve always wanted to know my heritage. Not to put pins on a map but because I’m curious to know about the people who came before me. Those who survived horrific conditions long enough to leave a legacy. What made their soul come alive? How did they feel about leaving home? How were the sunsets that they saw? What was going through their minds when they were forcibly taken from home?

All things I’ll admittedly never know but I hoped getting clarity on the where would make me feel a bit closer to them.

So here are the results in one map:

And in list form: (For the sake of time I’ve left out the percentages for each region but can add them if I get enough requests. All trace regions (with less than 1%) have been excluded.)

  • Dad:

    Liberia & Ivory Coast

    Senegal, Gambia & Guinea-Bissau
    Ghana, Togo & Benin
    Maghreb & Egypt
    East Slavic
    Western Lake Victoria Basin